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Kumar Bharat

PhD Scholar - Linguistics, BHU, Varanasi.

About Bharat

Bharat Kumar is a Linguist, Web Developer, Spoken-English Trainer and a certified nutritionist. He is post-graduated in the field of Linguistics (Science of Languages) from Banaras Hindu University. Currently, he is pursuing his research in the field of English Learning and Teaching ELT. Due to his interest in languages, he could successfully acquire the grammar level proficiency of romance languages such as French and Spanish through self-study. He can speak up to three languages at pro level and two languages at basic level.

His knowledge is not limited till human languages. His curiosity and interest has led him to acquire core knowledge of certain programming languages such as PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and JQuery..

He has also worked for several years as a spoken-English and Personality development trainer.

He truly believes that 'A healthy mind resides only in a healthy body'. He has completed his certification in Nutrition and Fitness.


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